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The Exhibitions at The Hill Station are curated by the Arts and Events Group for Bold Vision. We organise site-specific works which make a direct connection with either the space, the audience or the area. We also encourage work which involves the public in making art together. Each exhibition will have one or more of these elements. We will also hold a solo show once a year, to highlight a local artist’s own practice. There will be six installations per year, each one lasting  two months. 

Anyone can approach us for a show along these lines by e-mailing David Holloway This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Consume and Resume


The current installation is ‘Consume and Resume’ a food related art installations and series of performances that examine our obsession with food and looks at our peculiar quirks that embellish the act of eating. The installation created by Art Tarts, a group of local artists who collaborate in bringing the unexpected, surreal and poetic to public spaces.  They will explore how food is used as a central theme from which to delve deeper into a range of topics from the essential pastime of eating for nourishment to other aspects of the culinary such as food preparation, food fads, fetishes, phobias, ethics, rituals and traditions. check out the Art Tarts Facebook page for more pics

food 2 - mellon    Food 5 banana


 consume and resume banners consume and resume2 consume and resume band

consume and resume band 2  consume and resume cake consume and resume peanuts

consume and resume coffee consume and jelly consume and resume peas





'Drawing On Babel'  January -March 2014

Ion Teale

Curated by Patricio Forrester for Bold Vision

Something unusual is happening at the Hill Station. Every night, the artist Ion Teale spends the dark hours drawing and painting myriad images, all loosely related to the theme of Babel, directly onto the walls of the deserted building.

In previous work Ion claimed space in derelict buildings by painting murals overnight. The works were left in 'no-man’s land' , inspired others to intervene, initiating an unexpected conversation.

Drawing on Babel ' is Ion’s intuitive exploration of a visual language of mythical perspectives, distortion and disorientation, on a scale which is unusual for cafe art. The move from painting derelict buildings to painting on the walls of the community cafe could not be more dramatic, from art seen by few but other artists, motivated by the requirement of absolute freedom, to painting within a family friendly, community environment. Ion Teale is facing a new challenge. More audience. Less freedom. It's a new angle on what is possible, not simply decorative or easily understood and accommodated.

Drawing on Babel 'is an attempt to subvert the context of this community cafe and challenge local expectations. The public can contribute ideas by writing comments on a table during the day for Ion to consider and perhaps incorporate overnight.


The opening evening will be the Saturday 8th March, from 7pm - 9pm.

For more information and pictures contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


ions poster final1 ion pic 3

ion pic5



Ion- 1 Ion 3




PAST INSTALATION - November 2013 - January 2014

TREECYCLE – Angela McMahon and Stuart Leeser

Local artists Angela McMahon and Stuart Leeser have created the latest art installation at The Hill Station Cafe, Kitto Road, London SE14 5TY. With a private view on Friday 29 November 2013 the exhibition will close on Monday 6 January 2014. The private view event runs from 6pm until 9pm, it is open to all, including children, and will have music, a bar and hot food. 

             treecycle invite2 2







Some of the leaves which customers are adding to the tree of life !    

Inspired by trees as the breath of the planet and a magnificent feature of Telegraph Hill, Angela and Stuart have recycled cardboard to create TREECYCLE, a large tree installation made specifically for the Hill Station. With branches stretching out across the ceiling creating an immersive experience the work uses a playful approach to celebrate trees and wood as an essential part of life on earth. We use wood every day, often without thinking, as furniture, fuel, paper, books, cardboard and packaging and ancient trees formed the fossil fuels we use to power the modern world. They are also seen as nurturing, mythical or magical. Viewers are invited to write messages on paper leaves that will be attached to the tree. These will be recorded as part of the work. At the end of the show the tree and leaves will be recycled.

Angela McMahon 07977 901147
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PREVIOUS INSTALATION  September - October 2013 



The last installation at the Hill Station which ran from September - October 2013, explored the power of the semaphore and the Telegraph Station, which was constructed at the summit of the hill in 1795. It was one of a chain of signalling buildings, each on a prominent point, which meant news could travel from the South coast into London. This brilliant idea meant that information could be conveyed farquicker than by horse, which at the time was the only alternative. The system was rendered obsolete when the railway arrived at New Cross Gate in the 1830s.

Building on the beauty of the semaphore alphabet local artist Cia Duranteand designer Stacey Williams, showed work including a photographic collaboration with children from Edmund Waller Primary School acting out the semaphore alphabet.  

Cia 1  Cia 4CIA 2 

explanation of Semaphore exhibition

Cia 3




PREVIOUS INSTALATION  May 2013 - August  2013

Sara Willetts 1


Razzle Dazzle, Transparency & Collaborative Patchwork

Alma Titchler Wood & Sara Willet created a site specific camouflage to hide the grand piano,Tisna Weterhof and Cristiana Bottigella engaged with young people's patches in New Cross, while the very delicate work of Karin Hanlon colours the outside view.

Opening Event on Friday 31st of May 7 pm with Live Music Performances by John Lunn and John Wood. Free

 sara willets2


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