Those of us running the Hill Station Cafe have a strong commitment to partnership and want to embody the following values in all we do:



We want to be fair in all we do.  As well as paying our staff the London Living Wage we are committed to expanding our stock of Fair Trade goods and want to be fair to all our customers ensuring that all are dealt with fairly. Fairness also extends to our local neighbours and we will be particularly careful to ensure that we are good neighbours, especially when running evening activities.


We have a strong commitment to including all those in our community and wider society and will show this by ensuring that that everyone is valued and welcomed. We want to find ways of running events which are popular for those who are currently underserved as well as providing volunteer placements and work-experience for those without work. We want to ensure that the food we cook is not too expensive and in our pop-up restaurants programme will include budget pop-up restaurants too.

Recycling and the Environment

We have already teamed up with Grow Wild to make sure that we are composting and recycling most of our waste. We want to review the electricity we consume and try to lower our carbon footprint by using compostable packaging. If you have ideas on how we can lessen our environmental footprint do let us know.

Fun and Kindness

We believe that kindness matters and we want The Hill Station to be a friendly, welcoming place with a happy vibe, and make sure that all customers –from the youngest to the oldest feels welcomed in the space. We want those who work here to enjoy their work and want to create an environment which supports well-being and play. We believe that fun should be a key part in enjoying work and we will actively find ways to liven up our community through making The Hill Station a happy place.

One World

Finaly, we want the Hill Station to have international links and support local and international charities. We are starting to sponsoring the development of latrines in the developing world by giving customers the opportunity of making a donation when they use the café toilet. We aim to sponsor at least one toilet a month, through our customers spending (and giving) a penny !
So these are some of our values which compliment the wider values of Bold Vision  which you can read about here.

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