Name: Ooidal and Bourn
Email: info@ooidalandbourn

Ooidal & Bourn recycle. Utilising vintage or unusual jewellery and fabrics discovered at auctions, markets and charity shops, we produce, (or resurrect), decorative items such as jewellery, accessories, clothing and cushions. Most items are almost certainly unique, many contain the priceless patina of time, and the feel of a previous era. Based in Peckham, we are well placed to rummage and scour for unusual, embellishing and decorative items. 

Ooidal & Bourn are delighted to be joining the team at The Hill Trader. From  April 2014 we will be displaying a small range of handmade, functional jewellery and accessories fashioned from a variety of vintage, recycled and modern beads.

Ooidal & Bourn is a new venture for Jo Hutchings, originating from the realisation that she had far too much costume jewellery, and that it is cruel to leave shiny things in the dark.


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Opening Times

Monday 7am-3pm
Tuesday-Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm

Call 0207 635 2955

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