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I'm a Multi disciplinary Graphic Artist, Art Activist and teacher  who was born in Egypt and raised in Scotland so culturally I flux between two worlds. trained at Chelsea and central Saint martins I believe it's not only my formal education but my life experiences with the people I've seen, talked to and exchanged thoughts and ideas with throughout my travels and community that have inspired, given meaning and shaped my work.  A graphic Artist for over 10 years I  create images with Middle Eastern  cultural and social narratives close to my consciousness.  My work takes an ethnographic perspective from my time in the Gulf and the many different peoples that I've met at home and abroad from bedouins to capitalists.

Made with soul I use a mix of printing processes  each piece is  individual and unique and not identically reproduced so no two pieces are exactly the same.   I've been  involved and inspired by my community in New Cross for over 8 years with transition New Cross, new cross learning, telegraph hill Festival and summer/Winter solstice, SERF's, Deptford X and talk to me London. Creating Art, caring for the well being of the community and the sustenance of our environment is my passion. I feel proud to live here and I've nexver felt more at home anywhere else OUR community gives a whole lot of love!


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