Jan Barker
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I make functional wheel-thrown pottery, mainly in stoneware and porcelain. My work is influenced by oriental pottery, but I love pottery of all styles and enjoy experimenting with glazes and shapes.

Stoneware, porcelain and earthenware functional pots
All of these are food safe and can be washed in a dishwasher. The stoneware and porcelain have been fired to 12600 centigrade and the earthenware is fired to 11000 centigrade. I have not tried them in a microwave.

These pots are mainly decorative. They are low-fired (around 10000 centigrade) and are porous and contain copper which gives the lustre effect. This is obtained by plunging the red hot pot straight from the kiln into sawdust. They should not be used for liquid food as they will leak, and possibly leach out copper if acidic food is stored in them. They are completely safe to handle though.

I really enjoy living on Telegraph Hill because of the great community spirit and the interest in music and the arts which so many residents have. Having the Hill Station Café and St Catherine’s Centre gives the community a heart. I think the Hill Trader concept is a great way for people to shop in an environmentally friendly way and buy something unique, rather than a mass-produced imported item. 

jan barker 

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