Name: Zoe Pott
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I have always been a maker. I can remember getting home from school and leaving a trail of paper, glue, pens and scissors in my creative wake. I am a collector too and for many years my artwork focused around found objects and containing or boxing them. 

Now, I mostly make artworks from vintage books that I've found on flea markets and in charity shops and occasionally skips. Sometimes I start with an idea, phrase or line drawing and other times the collage will just evolve and then trigger a title or theme that I will run with. As well as the collages, which I make in vintage tins, cigar boxes, wine boxes or in frames, I also make decorative paper garlands, jewellery and lots of mess!

I live in Brockley with my husband and 3 children and over the years with have frequented Telegraph Hill not only for the park, playground and skatepark but also for ballet classes, toddler groups and the fantastic cafe. I am thrilled to be part of such a great community.

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