My book of short stories, Something In The Water & Other Tales Of Homeopathy, was published in October 2012 by Winter Press.

“Set mainly in a contemporary South London, and written in the first person, the stories invert the expectation of the traditional case study and subvert the myth of the infallible practitioner. Remedies spring to life through a diverse array of characters, encountered both in and out of the consulting room, while larger themes such as terrorism, racism, homelessness and teenage post-code killings flow into the narratives. The personal and professional merge throughout in a collection of tales that bridge the divide between the esotericism of a 200 year old medical system and life at the sharp end of the 21st century inner city.”

I have a private homeopathy practice on Telegraph Hill, where I have lived for 20 years, and I teach relaxation to groups throughout South London.

Something In The Water & Other Tales Of Homeopathy, by Sue Lanzon

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